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Delu Duan is an acclaimed sound designer and skilled composer based in the vibrant metropolis of New York City. Delu played an instrumental role in catapulting numerous artists to success, securing over 70 festival selections and prestigious awards. His exceptional sound design work was notably featured in the Netflix-sponsored film, "Sunflower Girl," while his recent composition and sound design contributions to "Dear Vanessa" took center stage at the NewFest Film Festival.

Delu earned his Master's Degree in Music Theory and Composition at New York University, with a concentration in Scoring for film and multimedia. Delu holds a BA in Recording Arts with a concentration in Film Sound from the Communication University of China.

Presently, Delu is the founder and owner of
ICING MEDIA, a creative agency providing full-production services, where he continues to bring artistic visions to life and create immersive experiences.

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